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1) Spray the product inside and outside the chain.
2) If necessary, rub with a brush to remove grease. 
3) Let it dry for 10 minutes to allow the solvents to evaporate.Instructions chain cleaner nettoyant chaîne ipone

1) Spray X-TREM CHAIN ROAD onto the chain from the inside by rotating the wheel.
2) Let it to dry for deep lubrication.

Instructions  X-TREM CHAIN ROAD graisse de chaine route ipone

1 - To ride safely
A poorly maintained chain can potentially to bind and even break. 

2 - To increase the lifespan of your chain kit
A poorly maintained chain is a chain that wears out faster! Care for it, it will be returned to you.
A chain kit that receives no care will last a maximum of 10,000 km.
Well maintained, you will keep it for 30,000 km!

3 - To increase the power of your engine
A well-lubricated chain transmits more power to the wheel.

4 - For the beauty of your engine and comfort
When it is well cleaned and greased, a chain rocks! And it makes less noise when rolling.

For more information on how to maintain your chain read our article !

1) Rinse the vehicle with clear water. 
2) Spray the product on the area to be treated and leave it on for 2 minutes.
3) If necessary, rub with a sponge.
4) Rinse thoroughly with water for a perfect result.

1) The bike must be dry and cold at the time of application, so protect your bike from rain and sun.
2) Spray CLEANER POLISH on the area to be treated.
3) Wipe with a soft and clean cloth. Do gentle, slow movements to avoid scratching.

Instructions cleaner polish ipone

1) Apply a small amount of CHROM'ALU on a soft cloth.
2) Rub the area to be treated with circular motions.
3) Its active microbeads allow a deep cleaning and polishing.

Instructions chrom'alu nettoyant métaux ipone

WATERPROOF GREASE is a mechanical grease, that resists even salt water, to use on bearings, joints, motorbike axles and other pivots, to grease, lubricate and protect against wear and corrosion.

1) Wear gloves and disassemble your air filter. 
2) Pour the air filter cleaner into a bucket. 
3) Dip the dirty filter in the liquid. 
4) Squeeze the product out of the filter without twisting it and let it dry for 2 hours.

Instructions utilisation air filter cleaner ipone

2) Spray the product onto your clean air filter.
3) Let it dry for a few minutes.
4) The filter is ready to be reassembled.

Instructions air filter oil spray ipone

1) Spray the HELMET'IN foam and leave it on for 1 hour.
2) Wipe it off with a cloth if necessary.
3) Your helmet is now clean and fresh.

Directions for use helmet'in ipone

1) Spray VISOR RAIN'OFF on the visor.
2) Let it dry for 2 minutes.
3) Wipe off with a soft cloth.

Directions for use Visor rainoff ipone

1) First remove the piercing object.
2) Rotate the wheel so that the hole is facing down.
3) Shake the spray then screw it onto the valve and empty it as much as possible (until it is empty or the foam starts to come out through the valve because the tyre is full. )
4) The foam will spread in the tyre and come out through the hole, closing it up.
5) Ride a few miles at low speed to make sure that the product is properly distributed in the tyre.
6) Monitor tyre pressure regularly before going to a repair shop within 24 to 48 hours after the puncture. Beyond , the chemical solution may damage your rim and tyre.
7) Go to the garage to repair the tyre permanently.

Directions for use S.O.S TYRE puncture-proof spray ipone

Carbu cleaner is compatible with all motorcycles, for use on your carburettor or injection system.

1) Pour 300 ml of INJECTOR CLEANER for 20L of petrol.
2) Mix well.
3) Fill in your tank.

Instructions injector cleaner nettoyant injecteurs moto ipone

1) With the engine hot, pour ENGINE CLEANER into the crankcase to the extent of 10% of your oil capacity.
2) Let your vehicle idle for 15 minutes and then proceed to the oil change.  

Instructions Engine Cleaner nettoyant moteur ipone

IPONE offers a complete range of products to clean and care for your motorcycle and your equipment (helmet, clothing, leather and luggage). Maintenance of the chain with degreaser and chain grease, maintenance of the wheels with brakes and rims cleaner, polishing and cleaning products to make your motorcycle shine and engine maintenance products to preserve its power and performance and ensure its longevity with cleaner and oils for foam air filters, pre-drain engine cleaner or injector cleaner. You will find in this selection the best products for the maintenance and cleaning of your 2-wheels: motorcycle, scooter and quad.