Full Protect is THE product to have in your workshop and the secret to have a beautiful functional bike 😉

Careful not to spray Full Protect on brakes or tires.

1. Cleans and dissolves rust

Full Protect restores the rusty metal parts of the motorcycle such as the exhaust, the exhaust manifold or even screws. To restore a rusty part, spray the product and rub with steel wool.

2. Removes moisture

Full Protect leaves a protective film against humidity on all the mechanical parts of the bike and prevents oxidation and corrosion of the metal parts to keep a beautiful and shiny bike!

3. Restores oxidized electrical contacts

Full Protect also prevents the oxidation of electrical contacts. It can be used preventively or to restore contact if necessary! For example, you can use it on connectors, control pods, electric motorcycle battery connectors, light bulb sockets, etc.

4. Releases jammed mechanisms

As a powerful penatrating oil, Full Protect unblocks and releases screws and the sliding of clutch cables or gas handle... And if you’re struggling with your crutch and your buddies are waiting for you, a few Full Protect sprays will make your life easier!

5. Lubricates

Full Protect lubricates mechanical parts for optimal operation, more fluidity and especially a professional level!

It lubricates, for example, ball bearings and needle roller bearings, foot rest axis, suspension links, screws, rear wheel axles, gear selector...

6. Cleans

Full Protect cleans impurities, grease, solvent traces, gasoline, glue etc. You can use it on your motorcycle plastics, rear wheel axles, screws etc.

A multi-position spray for precise applications

Its multi-position diffuser allows wide spraying or precise application with the rod. It is practical to reach and treat areas that are difficult to access. Attached to the spray, it folds and unfolds in one gesture.

The essentials in video

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