CLUTCH ONEMineral transmission oil for hydraulic clutch controls

Why you will love it

Because CLUTCH ONE ensures progressiveness, consistency and ease of use of your clutch control.

For hydraulic clutch controls
Compatible with sealing joints
For road and off-road motorcycles
Tube with pour spout


CLUTCH ONE and its additives guarantee a quick and effective reaction of the clutch both hot and cold. 

It is NOT suitable for Dot 4 hydraulic systems that require 100% synthetic Brake Dot 4 clutch fluid.

Its red color is clearly visible during purging, its tube format with pour spout is convenient to perform a precise dosage, without putting any aside!


CLUTCH ONE is a mineral transmission oil for hydraulic clutch controls of road and off-road motorcycles.

1) First, disassemble the clutch master cylinder cover, located on the left side above the clutch lever. Once the cover is removed, the oil pan buffle must be removed as well.
Do not forget to protect the fairings of your motorcycle to avoid damaging the paints. In case of leakage, clean immediately with a clean cloth.
2) Remove the cap protecting the drain screw on the clutch receiver.
3) Install a transparent hose on the drain screw and a container at the end of the hose to recover the old liquid.
4) Place a small amount of (new) clutch fluid in this container to prevent the hose from working on the air during the purge.
5) Press the clutch lever several times and then hold it. While crushing the lever, slightly open the purge screw. The used liquid (black) will come out and flow into the container. When the liquid no longer flows, screw back the screw.
6) You can now release the lever. You will then see air bubbles escaping through the hose or the master cylinder.
7) Repeat this operation, adding new liquid to the master cylinder, until you see no more bubbles. Then put the cap back on the screw head.
8) Now put the rubber back on and adjust the liquid level, then put the lid back on and tighten the screws. 

For a perfect bleed, use a pneumatic bleeder.

It is recommended that the clutch fluid be changed annually or every 10,000 km. Still, we recommend that you refer to your maintenance manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.