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2) Spray the product onto your clean air filter. 
3) Let it dry for a few minutes.
4) The filter is ready to be reassembled.
Instructions air filter oil spray ipone

1) Put gloves on.
2) Pour AIR FILTER OIL LIQUID into a bucket. 
3) Dip the clean air filter into the liquid.
4) Squeeze it out without twisting it. 
5) Let it dry for 2 hours.

Recomendaciones de uso air filter oil liquid ipone

For off-road, motocross, enduro or supermoto use, clean the filter after each ride. In road use, we advise you to clean it regularly, every 5000 km maximum.

INJECTOR CLEANER eliminates residues in the fuel supply circuit. It thus restores the bike’s original performance, which results in more flexibility and better engine torque when accelerating.
Your start-ups will be easier and you will reduce your fuel consumption as well as your smoke emissions.

1) With the engine hot, pour ENGINE CLEANER into the crankcase to the extent of 10% of your oil capacity.
2) Let your vehicle idle for 15 minutes and then proceed to the oil change.  

Instructions Engine Cleaner nettoyant moteur ipone 

Carbu cleaner is compatible with all motorcycles, for use on your carburettor or injection system.

1) Spray the product on the parts that need to be cleaned.
2) Dry with compressed air.

Instructions Carbu cleaner nettoyant carburateur ipone

For a maintenance dosage, use 25ml for 20L of petrol. 
For a curative dosage, use 25ml for 10L of petrol.
Directions for use fuel stabilizer ipone

IPONE offers a complete range of maintenance products to clean and preserve your motorcycle engine. Cleaner and oils for foam air filters, carburettor degreaser, injector cleaner, engine pre-drain cleaner and fuel stabilizer for 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines before wintering. You will find in this selection the best products for the engine maintenance of your motorcycle, scooter and quad.