Paris 2021. In a divided world in which, on the streets, youth dictates its own law, the bike life is awakening. There is only one way to escape to the day-to-day grind, it’s to ride. The queen of the streets is the Samourai. Fast and powerful, it’s uncatchable.

What makes the 250 SAMOURAI unique


The bike was named after IPONE’s iconic 2-stroke oil. The logo is all over the customed fairings in monogram. The brand was inspired by the world of fashion, luxury leather goods and music, especially rap.


To make it stand out, IPONE has imagined a tailor-made racing exhaust for more engine torque.
A pro circuit exhaust silencer was added for more engine power at low revs.
The front and rear street legal led lights are there for more accurate and far visibility at night.


The 17-inch front and rear wheels have been widened. Michelin racing tyres replaced the original tyres for grip on all angles.
The front brake disc is an oversized brake of 270 mm. The front brake master cylinder has been replaced by a racing beringer.


They are made of titanium for a better grip when doing a wheelie, an emblematic figure of the bike life.


The French artist Manuel Jouan, 33, is the artist behind this realization. Sébastien Billault, communication manager at IPONE, took the project to his workshop : Sur les chapeaux de roues in Quimperlé (France), knowing precisely where he wanted to go. This urbanization of a cross bike was a new challenge. Manuel and Sébastien exchanged and then chose all the parts together. This was pleasant for this trained mechanic who also has the habit of restoring old machines. "I liked it, it’s interesting to work for a brand and adapt to really capture the spirit of the project."