Transcoot huile de transmission scooter ipone

TRANSCOOTThe transmission oil for scooter

125 ml
Transcoot huile de transmission scooter ipone

Why you will love it

Because TRANSCOOT limits friction and reduces the operating noise of your scooter’s gearbox.

Optimum lubrication
Extends the life of the gears
Compatible with seals
Tube with pouring spout


TRANSCOOT enables optimum lubrication of the scooter transmission, thus reducing friction and operating noise while extending the service life of gears and the gearbox.
Its 80W90 grade offers excellent cold and hot results. The oil is compatible with seals. 

Its tube format with pouring spout is convenient to use and allows a precise dosage without putting any aside!
Its 125 ml capacity allows you to carry out a complete oil change of your scooter’s transmission. 


May produce an allergic reaction.
Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects.

It is necessary to check the capacity of your transmission. The information is indicated on the crankcase or in your scooter’s maintenance manual.