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Full protect lubrifiant 6 en 1 ipone

FULL PROTECTLubricant 6 in 1


FULL PROTECT is a multi-purpose lubricant and degreaser. It cleans, lubricates mechanical parts, drives out moisture, removes rust from rusty parts, protects against corrosion and restores electrical contacts.

Moisture repellent
Removes rust from rusty parts
Lubricates mechanical parts
Precise spraying
Full protect lubrifiant 6 en 1 ipone


FULL PROTECT cleans oil, grease, glue and other deposits without leaving any residue. 

It lubricates and ensures proper operation of moving parts. It drives out moisture even under extreme conditions and leaves a protective film on metal parts that prevents rust, corrosion and oxidation. 

Its moisture protection prevents short circuits and restores electrical contacts.
It also releases jammed mechanisms and ensures perfect operation of the unlocked parts.


Its multi-position diffuser allows a wide spray or a precise application. Its rod is convenient to reach and treat areas that difficult to access. Attached to the spray, it folds and unfolds in one gesture. No more rod lost in the workshop after 2 uses!


Thanks to its lubricating and cleansing powers, penatrating oiul helps to get rid of rust and impurities that reduce the efficiency of different parts of your motorcycle engine.

Warning, precautions for use



Read the label before use.

Extremely flammable aerosol.

May be fatal if swallowed and enters the respiratory tract.

May produce an allergic reaction.

Keep out of reach of children.

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