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Carbu cleaner nettoyant carburateur ipone

CARBU CLEANERCarburettor Cleaner

750 ml

CARBU CLEANER is a powerful carburettor degreaser/cleaner. It removes all deposits and allows better start-ups.

Strong and precise spray
Removes deposits and calamine
Compatible with all types of joints
Carbu cleaner nettoyant carburateur ipone


CARBU CLEANER effectively cleans and degreases your carburettor and eliminates all fuel deposits thanks to its powerful formula.

The result is quickly visible: better starts, a real power gain and a stabilized idle.

It improves power recovery, reduces exhaust smoke emissions and reduces your fuel consumption.

Its multi-position diffuser is ultra-practical thanks to its retractable rod, fixed on the spray, which folds and unfolds in one gesture. No more rod lost in the workshop after 2 uses!


Carbu cleaner is compatible with all motorcycles, for use on your carburettor or injection system.

1) Spray the product on the parts that need to be cleaned.
2) Dry with compressed air.

Instructions Carbu cleaner nettoyant carburateur ipone

Warning, precautions for use

Ipone Ipone Ipone 

Read the label before use.
Extremely flammable aerosol.
May be fatal if swallowed and enters the respiratory tract.
Causes skin irritation.
Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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