How to clean and lube
your chain in 5min

This operation is one of the simplest and most important in the maintenance of a two-wheeler.


To ride safely

To increase the lifespan of your chain kit

To increase the power of your engine

For the beauty of your engine and comfort

When ?

Is your chain dirty? Have you been riding in the storm or in the rain? Is it noisy or dry? Then it’s time clean and grease it!

Necessary equipment

Here's what you need :

List of IPONE's products :

  • X-Trem Chain
    THE chain grease that holds 800km
  • Chain Cleaner
    THE degreaser that cleans and makes your chain shine like it's brand-new
  • The chain brush
    The indispensable accessory for an optimal cleaning of the chain and sprocket
  • The environmental mat
    To protect all floors from oil or petrol stains
  • Gloves
    A pair of one-sized mechanical gloves, 100% nylon

Other accessories needed :

  • A drain pan

How ?

Settle in a ventilated area.
Engine turned off, place your bike on the centre stand or on a paddock stand to be able to turn the rear wheel.

Put on your gloves and let's go !
Follow these steps :



1. Clean

First with Chain Cleaner

Spray the chain cleaner. Its powerful spray allows you to take off all the dirt. Let it work for a few minutes.

Then with the brush

Brush the chain by rotating the rear wheel always in the direction of travel to remove all impurities. Easy peasy!


Between cleaning and greasing, it's time to check the chain tension and adjust it if necessary.

2. Lube

It can be interesting to lube your chain after riding for a little while. The chain is hot and the grease will penetrate the links better.

With the X-Trem Chain

Rotate the rear wheel always in the direction of travel and spray the x-trem chain along the entire length of the chain, insisting on the inside.

Let the grease penetrate for about two hours so that it infiltrates everywhere before going on the road again

The essentials in video

To continue, we suggest watching our video tutorial on the same subject.

If you do this regularly, you can keep your chain kit longer. Feel free to spread the word!
Enjoy your ride !