X-TREM CHAIN ROADThe ultimate chain grease for road motorcycles


Why you will love it

Because with X-TREM CHAIN ROAD, you can drive up to 800km with a perfectly greased chain!

Long-lasting performance (800km) in extreme conditions
Zero projection
Visible at application
Multi-position diffuser with retractable rod


X-TREM CHAIN ROAD is a high-performance chain grease. Thanks to its high-tech calcium sulfonate formula, it holds perfectly to your chain up to 800 km, even in wet environments.

Its texture guarantees optimum adhesion to the chain and dries quickly to avoid projections on the rim. 

Its cream colour, visible when applied, allows you to check that you have not forgotten any links.
Economical, a simple rotation of the chain is enough for a perfect lubrication!


Its multi-position diffuser allows to pulverize a precise spray while controlling the power and the amount of grease used at each pressure. So, you only grease your chain and not the garage floor...no need for a cardboard under the bike! 

Its retractable rod fixed on the spray, folds and unfolds in a single gesture. No more rod lost in the workshop after 2 uses!

For off-road motorcycles, use X-TREM CHAIN OFF-ROAD.


Have you never taken care of your chain? You don't know how to do it? Or are you lazy? No worries, with this video tutorial, learn in less than a minute to clean and lube your chain. You’ll see it’s super easy and fast. A shiny, well-greased chain is better, isn't it ?

And to learn more and know all our tips and tricks, discover our detailed how-to article.



Read the label before use.
Extremely flammable aerosol.
Causes skin irritation.
Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects.
Keep out of children's reach.

1) Spray X-TREM CHAIN ROAD onto the chain from the inside by rotating the wheel.
2) Let it to dry for deep lubrication.

Instructions  X-TREM CHAIN ROAD graisse de chaine route ipone

With conventional chain grease, it is recommended to clean and grease your chain every 2 full tanks or every 500 km. With the X-trem chain road, you go on for 800km.

On track or off-road, grease it every day. The chain kit is much more solicited.

1 - To ride safely
A poorly maintained chain can potentially to bind and even break. 

2 - To increase the lifespan of your chain kit
A poorly maintained chain is a chain that wears out faster! Care for it, it will be returned to you.
A chain kit that receives no care will last a maximum of 10,000 km.
Well maintained, you will keep it for 30,000 km!

3 - To increase the power of your engine
A well-lubricated chain transmits more power to the wheel.

4 - For the beauty of your engine and comfort
When it is well cleaned and greased, a chain rocks! And it makes less noise when rolling.

For more information on how to maintain your chain read our article !