Care line Rider equipment


1) Spray the HELMET'IN foam and leave it on for 1 hour.
2) Wipe it off with a cloth if necessary.
3) Your helmet is now clean and fresh.

Directions for use helmet'in ipone

1) Spray HELMET'OUT on the helmet.
2) Wipe with a soft and clean cloth.
3) The product leaves a durable protective film on the helmet.

Directions for use helmet'out ipone

1) Spray VISOR RAIN'OFF on the visor.
2) Let it dry for 2 minutes.
3) Wipe off with a soft cloth.

Directions for use Visor rainoff ipone

The easiest way is to mashing wash your microfiber wipes. As indicated on the label of the wipe we advise you to opt for a laundry program at maximum 40°C. Do not add chlorine, softener or starch. Do not dryclean them, iron them or dry them in the dryer. Do not wash them with stuffed clothes, you can also protect them in a washing net.

1) Apply a small amount of LEATHER CREAM on a soft cloth.
2) Apply to your clothes and accessories. 
3) Leave on for a few minutes.Directions for use LEATHER CREAM ipone

2) Apply the foam to the area to be treated.
3) Leave on for a few minutes for maximum efficiency.
4) Scrub with the brush.
5) Let it dry for a few minutes.
6) Wipe with a clean cloth.

InstructionsTEXTILE CLEANER mousse nettoyante textile ipone

IPONE offers a full range of cleaning products to clean and maintain your motorcycle equipment: helmet, clothing, leather and luggage. Cleaner for the exterior of the helmet, refreshing foam cleaner for the interior of the helmet and water-repellent spray for bubble and visor, pack for a complete maintenance of the helmet but also foam cleaner for textiles and nourishing cream to clean and protect your leather equipment and the leather parts of your motorcycle (jackets, boots, gloves, saddle and luggage). In this selection you will find the best products for the maintenance and cleaning of your motorcycle equipment.