Care line Wheels


2) Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Directions for use brake cleaner dégraissant frein

1) Spray the product on a cold rim.
2) Leave on for 2 minutes.
3) If necessary, rub with a sponge.
4) Rinse with plenty of water.
5) Wipe the rim with a clean cloth for best results.

             Directions for use Wheel Cleaner ipone

1) First remove the piercing object.
2) Rotate the wheel so that the hole is facing down.
3) Shake the spray then screw it onto the valve and empty it as much as possible (until it is empty or the foam starts to come out through the valve because the tyre is full. )
4) The foam will spread in the tyre and come out through the hole, closing it up.
5) Ride a few miles at low speed to make sure that the product is properly distributed in the tyre.
6) Monitor tyre pressure regularly before going to a repair shop within 24 to 48 hours after the puncture. Beyond , the chemical solution may damage your rim and tyre.
7) Go to the garage to repair the tyre permanently.

Directions for use S.O.S TYRE puncture-proof spray ipone

IPONE offers the best maintenance products to clean and maintain your motorcycle and scooter rims and brakes. BRAKE CLEANER cleans and degreases the entire brake system (seals, discs, pads, calipers) as well as the clutch system. WHEEL CLEANER cleans and degreases all types of rims (aluminium, painted, chrome, varnished). IPONE is also with you in case of tyre problems with the puncture-proof spray.