Cleaning and degreasing your chain is one of the most important maintenance tasks for your motorcycle. Over time, the grease gets loaded with impurities: dust, gravel, sand, dirt, water... The chain becomes dry. It makes noise, which, in the long run, damages the sprocket, the chain and cog.

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Why is it important to regularly clean and degrease and re-lubricate your chain?

1. To extend the life of your chain.

2. For comfort! Your chain will make less noise. Your ride will be smoother. You'll have more power. It's like going from an old bike to a new one 😉

What you need to clean your chain

To properly clean your chain, you need: a stainless steel tub, Chain Cleaner and a chain brush.

Step 1: Set up

Turn off the engine and place your bike on the center stand so you can turn the rear wheel. Then place your stainless steel tray under the chain.

Step 2: Get started

Spray the Chain Cleaner. Its multi-position dispenser allows you to easily manage the power and the amount of spray used with each spray. Its precision will help you remove all the grease and dirt embedded between the links.

Let it work for a few minutes.

Step 3: Brush!

The brush is an essential tool to remove all the dirt! It helps you clean your chain thoroughly, remove impurities in every corner and save product.

Run it on both sides, turning the rear wheel in the forward direction. 

Tip: When you're done, clean your brush thoroughly with Chain Cleaner. This will prevent cleaning your chain with a dirty brush next time and most importantly it will make it last longer 😉

Wondering when your chain is clean? When it runs clear in the stainless steel pan!Now it's time to lubricate it 😉 Check this tutorial to find out more. Let's goooo!Let’s goooo !

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