Workshop Equipments


This motorcycle mat complies with the environmental requirements required by the International Motorcycling Federation (TUV certification). It preserves nature from oil pollution.

The easiest way is to machine wash your microfiber wipes. As indicated on the label of the wipe we advise you to opt for a laundry program at maximum 40°C. Do not add chlorine, softener or starch. Do not dryclean them, iron them or dry them in the dryer. Do not wash them with stuffed clothes, you can also protect them in a washing net.

This drain pan with a capacity of 4 liters is ideal for emptying all motorcycles on the market.

This oil, acid and fuel resistant plastic jug allows, thanks to its flexible pouring spout, to fill all tanks even the most difficult to reach without having to use a funnel.

This pair of gloves is 100% in nylon and has non-slip silicone pins to handle all mechanical parts with care.

Non, these mechanical gloves are not heat resistant.

This 500ml dispenser has a double graduation in milliliters and liters. It allows you to do all your dosages easily and accurately.

IPONE offers a complete range of workshop equipment for the maintenance and cleaning of your motorcycle: environmental mat to protect your floors, drain pan, dosing recipients to make your mixing, mechanical gloves and plastic jug to fill your tanks and microfibre wipe to clean and polish all surfaces without making micro-scratches. In this selection you will find the best products for the maintenance and cleaning of your motorcycle, scooter and quad.