Tom Pagès is well known for his extreme FMX jumps and performances, especially in the air. This year, he took part in the R7 Cup Yamaha in Navarra, this time on asphalt. In an interview, he shares more about his passion for speed.

On-board camera with Tom Pagès.

Why are you competing in the R7 Cup

I like speed bikes. I took part in an R7 Cup race last year as a VIP with Yamaha.. I really enjoyed it. This year, I've decided to do the full season. The atmosphere is great, the bike is great. It's easy to pick up.

So, you like speed? How does it feel compared to FMX?

The sensations are completely different. There's no jumping, it's pure, straightforward speed. There's no speed in freestyle. What I like about riding on a track is that you have to be very precise, just like in FMX. You have to perform, and that's what I like. It's fun to take risks. I like being laser-focused and pushing my limits to try and go faster.

When did you start speed racing?

JI started in 2011 for the Roadster Cup with Yamaha too, on an FZ8. I really enjoyed it. After that, I bought a bike at the GMT 94, a 600, and started riding on track again. I quickly got the hang of it.

What are your latest race rankings?  

I've done 2 races so far, at Le Castellet and Navarra. I finished 17th in the first race, I think, and 9th in the 2nd. There are 30 of us out there. You can always do better, but the most important is that I'm making progress each time. My main motivation is to enjoy myself.

Do you prefer the air or the asphalt?

I prefer the air. But everything's fun to do. Both are cool, but I'm better at jumping (laughs).

What oil do you use for the R7? 

I use Full Power Katana 10W40. It's perfect for me. I chose it to get a smoother clutch and faster gearshifts.

Photos : Yamaha - Erwan Guillou. Vidéo : Teddy Morellec, la Clef Prod.

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