Time to equip yourself !

It's always a matter of size.

Even if some say otherwise... size does matter! With this 100x200cm MOTORCYCLE MAT, all motorcycles on the market fit ! 😜

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Bikers love us and we're happy about it!

Environmental mat
Ideal for tinkering !

"Gives the garage a nice look and avoids grease and oil stains on the foor."

- Chris
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Drain pan

"Very good quality and very practical with these multiple openings"

- Tyler
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"Great product. Good elasticity, fits different hand sizes. Good quality"

- Louis
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To aim better...

Our PLASTIC JUG and its lid with hatch allows you to pour the liquid without putting any aside and its flexible spout is ideal to access all tanks, without having to use a funnel.

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... And to not put any aside!

This DRAIN PAN is very practical and ecological. It allows you to easily drain without soiling the floor of your garage!
Fitted with a drain plug and an aeration plug, used oil is easily drained and transported cleanly.

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Precision & protection are required

The key to a perfect mix: precision.

This DISPENSER has a double graduation in milliliter and liter. It allows you to carry out all your dosages easily and accurately.
Its spout allows you to pour the liquid easily without putting any aside!

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Let's protect your hands.

These MECHANICAL GLOVES are very useful for all manipulations that require excellent dexterity and precision.  
They effectively protect you from dirt. You can wear them for oil changes, brake purges and other small mechanical jobs.
Its non-slip silicone pins give you excellent grip and allow you to handle all mechanical parts with care.

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To finish in style!

For the finishing touches.

This MICROFIBRE WIPE cleans your bike and equipment and thanks to its soft and silky material without scratches ! It leaves no trace and does not plush!

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