Who run the world ? Girls !

We had to quote the queen Beyoncé. On March 8 we celebrate International Women’s Day. We wanted to pay tribute to women by telling you a bit of history and addressing the place they have built in the motorcycling world. Eva and Anastasia, women riders and influencers will also give us their point of view.

Shall we talk about history ?

Lots of women have made the motorcycle history. Since the 1960s, they have freed themselves from prejudices and now occupy a prominent place. We are thinking of Anne-France Dautheville who in 1973 became the first woman to motorcycle solo around the world riding a 100 cm3 kawasaki. Enough to silence those who questioned her abilities. Motorcycling changed her life and her travels transformed her.

In terms of sport, we can mention Taru Rinne, the first woman to score points in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing or Jutta Kleinschmitt who took part in the Dakar Rally in 1988.

Copyright : Anne-France Dautheville

The biker figure inspires

It evokes this spirit of freedom so dear to women. Recently, we have seen this almost exclusively male environment open up. Women drive the same machines as men. Whether it’s on the road, on track or off-road, nothing can stop them. The image of women on bikes is becoming more and more popular. Artists have contributed to this as well and it was not done in a day.

In 1991, photographer Peter Lindberg had the idea of bringing together haute couture and street fashion for Vogue. He brought together the biggest models of the industry at the moment and the biking universe. By the way, after these prints, the iconic biker jacket will be proposed by the greatest designers.

Copyright : Peter Lindberg for Vogue

More recently, we can think of Rihanna who particularly loves this universe. She often showcases motorcycles when promoting her collections as we can see below for Fenty Puma by Rihanna. She also chose a New Orleans biker gang, the Caramel Curves, to embody her lingerie collection.

Motorcycling is becoming more popular, modern, and we love it !

Copyright : Fenty Puma by Rihanna.

The words of today's women bikers

In France women now account for 30% of new motorcycle licenses. They make people talk about them by founding their clubs, their equipment brands, their magazines. The female biking community is very present, in sport but also on social medua. Each profile has its place. We met two biking influencers and asked them what being a woman biker meant to them. The thirst for freedom is evident in these two testimonies.

Eva, Evaaaspm, supermoto girl, who fell in it as a child.

"It's true that there are a lot of men in the biking industry, but most of the time they are kind to me and quite surprised by my level when it comes to driving fast 😂 I think that being a woman who rides a motorcycle shows others that it is not only for men and even that some girls ride better than boys. For me it’s also the freedom to do what I want, it gives me confidence as well."

Anastasia, member of the Eudoxie crew, the brand of motorcycle clothing made by women for women:

"Nowadays, women have an important place in the motorcycle industry. We see more and more of them on the roads, but there are also more and more of them joining the Eudoxie crew. Last week, for example, we were at the Salon du 2 Roues in Lyon, where I happened to meet the director of a big motorcycling school (3,500 licences per year). He explained that 37% of his clientele was now women. I asked him if he knew why : was it due to safety? (ABS, better tires…) He told me that it wasn't that, women are mostly thirsty for freedom and want to ride in style. It was rather funny that he explained that to me, because in the end that's the values that we convey with Eudoxie. Any woman is able to push her limits and love the feeling of a two-wheeler, no matter the displacement on which she rides, the brand or the type of motorcycle. For me, motorcycling is a passion, but also a way to feel free."