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Box 2 huile de boîte de vitesse

BOX 2Gearbox Oil


BOX 2 is a semi-synthetic esters-based gearbox oil for 2-stroke engines with wet clutches. Especially ideal for 50cc with gears.

Oil bath clutch
Gearbox protection
Resistance to wear and tear
Synthetic Plus
Box 2 huile de boîte de vitesse


BOX 2 is compatible with all 2-stroke motors with separate gearbox. This gearbox oil facilitates cold starts and guarantees fast, precise, crackless and safe gear shifts!
Its fluidity and thermal stability allow it to avoid sticking and slipping clutches.

With its anti-corrosion and anti-foam formula, it reduces friction and operating noise. It offers great resistance to shear and oxidation and thus guarantees better protection against wear as well as the durability of your gearbox.
Its synthetic bases and additives preserve lubricating properties at high temperatures and over time.

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!


We recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your maintenance manual.

Warning, precautions for use

Can provoke an allergic reaction.

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