The road to the Alpes Aventure MotoFestival

The Alpes Aventure MotoFestival was the event not to be missed this year. For those who don't know, the Alpes Aventure Motofestival is a 3-day event dedicated to motorbike riding and tourism. On the programme, road shows for manufacturers, tests of the ranges intended for travel or even a riding school and trajectory workshops. In other words, a festival dedicated to motorcyclists and motorbike travel enthusiasts, with manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and tour operators specialising in motorbike touring and adventure. Whether you're taking to the road for a weekend, a week, a month or more, the Alpes Aventure Motofestival is for anyone who sets off or dreams of setting off on a motorbike trip alone or in a group.

A meeting for passionate riders

This event allowed us to mark a truce during this particular year, and to come and meet the most experienced bikers and enthusiasts, like us.

We met each other, laughed and exchanged our passion for two-wheelers in a green setting. Perched in the Parc de la Sapinière in Barcelonnette at the foot of the highest road in Europe, towards the Bonette pass at 2802 metres above sea level.

Certainly in this 2020 edition, handshakes were not part of the game and smiles were masked. But as motorcyclists, who better than us to know how to transmit joy through a look, as we have always done with helmets screwed on our heads?

This year there were 5000 bikers who fulfilled the quotas imposed by the covid_19 restrictions during the event.

True to the image of IPONE, the Alpes Aventure Motofestival brings together real passionate, experienced, adventurous people who ride in all weathers, all year round and who let nothing stand in their way.

Go on an adventure with IPONE

In order to satisfy all the adventurers present, we had set up a unique device which consisted in collecting a small card slipped into the roadbook distributed during the event in order to invite the festival-goers to come and meet us and collect their gift. A tough choice between two maintenance products from IPONE's Care Line : XTREM CHAIN ROAD long-lasting road chain grease in spray form or a cleaning wax, CLEANER POLISH, a multi-surface product that shines and takes up the challenge of making any motorbike that has swallowed up miles shine.

Liberty, equality, passion

But being a partner of the AAMF means much more to IPONE. It allows us to pass on our passion for motorcycling.

During this weekend, IPONE also set up a Pit Stop worthy of those present at the races in order to take care of all the bikes, without discrimination.

Our teams of professional mechanics have seen more than 250 two-wheelers, ranging from trails like the Yamaha Tenere 700 or BMW 1200 GS, to the Ducati scrambler, road bikes like the HONDA ST 1300 Pan European, sports bikes like the SUZUKI Gsxr or the Triumph Street Triple roadsters.

What a real challenge and pleasure for IPONE to have greased, cleaned and performed various mechanical services over 3 days on all types of two-wheelers, without distinction.

All in all, these 3 days were centred around a passion for two-wheelers, sharing our knowledge and dreams with our motorcycle community in search of adventure.

Our teams present at the festival took pleasure in collecting feedback, sharing anecdotes and gathering the needs of those who ride daily in a desire for constant improvement.

In order to bring the festival to those who were unable to travel from the inside, we brought in one of our IPONE ambassadors, Antoine Truchet, who is passionate about photography and extreme sports. His videos were broadcasted during the weekend on our social networks. Installed on the handlebars of a MASH FORCE 400, he set off on an adventure by following one of the 18 courses in the road book. A magnificent ride from Barcelonnette to Maljasset, passing through magnificent viewpoints of the Ubaye Valley.

In short, a Passion First festival. In our image.