Remember watching the Indian FTR on the snow? This bike made a big impression last February with its ride on the ice circuit and its studded tyres. Now, it’s back with a brand-new look. Once again, IPONE has teamed up with Manuel, from Sur les chapeaux de roues, an experienced workshop in Quimperlé who has already worked with the Samourai. This brand-new project is inspired by the 90s, with its bright colours and mix of patterns.

Why this project?

This year, IPONE wants to go beyond sport and mechanical performance, and tell a story about this customized motorcycle.

From a BMX bicycle to a motorbike, there is only a small step. Many athletes of BMX have always had a passion for riding. Whether it's skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, or motorcycling, this passion for riding grows as their enthusiasts grow up. The feeling of freedom that only riding can bring is unique to each person but common to all these disciplines.

Marwan Ayari, has always loved sports that involve riding. He has been a BMX enthusiast since childhood and motorbikes were his cherished dream. All Marwan always wanted was to ride, join a community, share his passion, and feel free.

Goodbye snow, hello Paris!

Here is the Indian FTR in an environment where, once again, no one was expecting.

This film tells the story of a young rider who, just like Marwan, could not afford a motorcycle when he was younger. As he evolves and grows, he keeps his passion and yearning for freedom alive and ends up buying a motorbike. He recalls all those good times on a BMX as we revisit his favourite places in Paris, but this time on a motorbike. Mixing two board sports, two communities, two backgrounds, and age groups to portray the nostalgia of a past era. Such was IPONE's challenge in this video.