Summer Time : Tom Pagès takes the plunge with a PW50

Some spend their summer on a motorcycle, others by the pool. Our athlete Tom Pagès, known for his ingenuity, thought he could do both.

Today it's not on an FMX park that we find the X Games multiple gold medallist freestyler but by the water. The urge to swim must have been too strong. He challenged himself to jump into the pool with his motorcycle. And not with any bike, he chose the bike that all children dream of: a PW 50.
Quite daring at 37!

What did we need to achieve this challenge ?

- a second-hand PW50
- a BMX helmet
- a boardshort
- a good dose of madness
- a professional rider

Video to watch until the end.

This video was realized with a trained professional rider. Do not try this at home.

Dead bike? Unthinkable for IPONE.

As you can see in the video, the bike was pulled out of the water almost instantly. Then, a professional mechanic took great care of it. Emptied, dried, it was ready to restart in less than an hour.

Shooting bonus

Still Tom doesn’t give up his YZ 250.

Holidays will wait, it's on his training ground that he feels the best.

As comfortable in the air as on land, on asphalt and in the sand, he continues to surprise us and innovate.

"I loved this project. It was a bit crazy, but it worked out and we saved the pool and the PW (laughs)."