TRANS 4 80W‑90The cardan shaft and axle oil


Why you will love it

Because TRANS 4 80W-90 ensures a perfect lubrication and an optimum protection of mechanical parts such as cardan shafts and rear wheel bearings.

Reduces jolts during gear shifts
Reduces mechanical noise
Resistance to high loads
Extreme pressure additives


TRANS 4 80W-90 ensures perfect lubrication and optimum protection of mechanical parts such as cardan and rear wheel bearings.

Thanks to its unique formula reinforced with extreme pressure additives, it resists very high mechanical shear demands, reduces mechanical noise and improves your riding experience by reducing bumps during gear shifts.

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!


May produce an allergic reaction.

It is recommended that the transmission fluid be changed annually or every 10,000 km. Still, we recommend that you refer to your maintenance manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is necessary to check the capacity of your transmission. The information is indicated on the crankcase or in your maintenance manual.