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Bidon 1L KATANA OFF ROAD 10W40 huile moteur pour motos 4 temps tout-terrain ipone

KATANA OFF ROAD4-Stroke 100% Synthetic Motor Oil


KATANA OFF ROAD is a 100% synthetic ester-based, very high performance, motor oil for 4-stroke motorbikes, intended for sporty off-road driving. 

100% Synthetic
More direct rises in speed
Resistance to heavy clutch loads
Fast and precise gear shifting
Bidon 1L KATANA OFF ROAD 10W40 huile moteur pour motos 4 temps tout-terrain ipone


KATANA OFF ROAD is optimized to withstand extreme off-road conditions. Formulated with esters and additives reinforced with detergents and dispersants, it guarantees optimum lubrication at very high temperatures and protects the engine against moisture that is especially found on motocross tracks or in sand. 

Ideal for off-road use, it allows a better grip of the clutch and extends its lifespan. 

You can switch gears on the fly without any worries!

Its high viscosity grades make it possible to improve engine compression and ensure an optimal cooling of the engine.
It offers exceptional shear resistance, reduces friction and reduces wear on mechanical parts.


The Speed & Easy Shift Innovation transforms your driving experience. Gear changes are fast and precise, you will discover a real pleasure in riding and quicker revs. It prevents slipping and guarantees a better feeling of the clutch even when the clutch is subjected to intensive demands.

 Dedicated to competition machines and expert drivers, it is recommended for racing engines operating at very high temperatures and very high rotation speeds. It has proven itself in competition at the MXGP Championship or at the Touquet Enduropale for which IPONE is an exclusive lubricant partner.

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!

We recommend that you refer to your maintenance manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Detailed information

Standards : JASO MA2 – API SN


For more information : Technical specifications    Security recommendations

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