DEXTRON 2RMineral oil for automatic transmissions


Why you will love it

Because DEXTRON 2R is perfect for automatic motorcycle transmissions but also for power steering, atv differential and axles.

Certified to the Dexron IID standard
Shear resistance
Optimum lubrication
Maximum protection


DEXTRON 2R has a versatile use in the lubrication of automatic motorcycle and quad transmissions: automatic gearbox, torque converter, power steering, hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic or mechanical systems, but also jet-ski turbines and so on.

It offers maximum protection against wear and corrosion. It maintains its lubricating properties at all temperatures and is extremely resistant to weathering.
Its high thermal stability guarantees fast and precise gear shifts.

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!


This product has several uses, conforming to the DEXRON IID standard:  

  • Fork oil (old motorbikes, trial motorbikes) 
  • Gearbox oil (trial bikes, ATF automatic gearboxes) 
  • Transmission oil (cardan shafts, marine engine bases, axles, transfer cases) 
  • Hydraulic brake oil (quad immersed braking)

  • Technical specifications
  • Security recommendations

Can provoke an allergic reaction.

It is recommended that the transmission fluid be changed annually or every 10,000 km. Still, we recommend that you refer to your maintenance manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is necessary to check the capacity of your transmission. The information is indicated on the crankcase or in your maintenance manual.