The taste of extremes with The Enduropale du Touquet

Since its creation, the French brand has tried its hand at the most demanding sand and dirt races, so how could it not be associated with the Enduropale du Touquet, the biggest off-road motorbike race in the world!

In the 2000s, IPONE became a partner of the Enduropale, this event which is now held over 3 days with, in addition to the Enduropale, a vintage enduro, an enduro quad and 2 great races for juniors and young hopefuls. Every year, 2000 riders, men and women, professionals or amateurs but above all enthusiasts come together to push their limits.

Sand, sea, wind, cold and sometimes even snow... such is the recipe for this challenging event, demanding not only for the riders but also for the bike and its mechanics. It is a unique playground for testing IPONE products and their resistance in the most extreme conditions.