All our cleaning products to have a SPOTLESS bike.

Effortless cleaning

An ultra-efficient cleaning

Cleaning up after your ride is no longer a hassle !
Your bike looks brand-new, you can get it dirty again the next day.

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Brand-new rims

Do you hallucinate when you see the state of your wheels?
WHEEL CLEANER thoroughly cleans your rims in a few minutes without damaging them.

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Powerful and precise degreasing

The powerful brake degreaser

No more squeaking when braking. To ensure maximum brake performance.
BRAKE CLEANER ensures maximum brake performance by removing dust and other residues.

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The ultimate chain degreaser

How about a nice, clean and shiny chain?
CHAIN CLEANER cleans and makes your chain shine like it's brand-new.

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An incomparable shine

The wax that makes your bike shine

A shine like you’ve never seen before.
CLEANER POLISH cleans and polishes all surfaces to give your bike a brand-new look.

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The spray that revives your plastics

PLASTIC SHINE renovates dull plastics and makes them shine without damaging them. And it demands little to no effort. Isn't life beautiful?

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Mirror effect guaranteed!

No more rust stains.
CHROM'ALU cleans, polishes and makes all metals shine.

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For specific spots

THE penatrating oil to have in your workshop

FULL PROTECT is multi-purpose penatrating oil and degreaser with a 6-in-1 action.
A real must-have, you won't be able to do without.

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There you go,

a clean and shiny bike!

Bikers love us and we're happy about it!

A complete range

"A great selection of quality products to take care of my bike".

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