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2. Model

ZN125-6 Storm
ZN125T- K Aurora
ZN125T-12 M Kangaroo
ZN125T-15 B Wacky
ZN125T-15A B Znen Bomb
ZN125T-15C B Bobby
ZN125T-15D B Eyas
ZN125T-18 S Zoom
ZN125T-18A S Zoom-2
ZN125T-19 S Znen King
ZN125T-22 R8
ZN125T-23 Miro
ZN125T-27 Ves
ZN125T-7A E Falcon2
ZN125T-7B E Falcon3
ZN125T-7C E Falcon4
ZN125T-7D E Falcon5
ZN125T-B S Conqueror
ZN125T-E C Aurora
ZN125T-E3 C Aurora
ZN125T-E3 C Aurora-2
ZN125T-F C F8
ZN125T-F F8
ZN150T-18 S Zoom
ZN150T-18A S Zoom-2
ZN150T-5 B Wacky
ZN150T-5A B Znen Bomb
ZN150T-5C B Bobby
ZN150T-5D B Eyas
ZN150T-7A E Falcon2
ZN150T-7C E Falcon4
ZN150T-7D E Falcon5
ZN150T-9 S Znen King
ZN150T-B S Conqueror
ZN150T-F C F8
ZN250T-B S Conqueror
ZN250T-D L Roar
ZN250T-E Roar
ZN50QT (2-stroke)
ZN50QT (4-stroke)
ZN50QT-11 F Sun(2)
ZN50QT-11C F Sun(2)
ZN50QT-11D Znen Q
ZN50QT-12 Kangaroo
ZN50QT-12 M Kangaroo
ZN50QT-15 B Wacky
ZN50QT-15A B Znen Bomb
ZN50QT-15C B Bobby
ZN50QT-15D B Eyas
ZN50QT-15E B Owl
ZN50QT-15F B Bob
ZN50QT-19 S Znen King
ZN50QT-19C S Znen King
ZN50QT-20 C Fly
ZN50QT-22 R8
ZN50QT-23 Miro
ZN50QT-25 B Wacky
ZN50QT-25A B Znen Bomb
ZN50QT-25C B Bobby
ZN50QT-25D B Eyas
ZN50QT-25E B Owl
ZN50QT-25F B Bob
ZN50QT-27 Ves
ZN50QT-28 B Quiet
ZN50QT-30A R-X
ZN50QT-30A Vpa
ZN50QT-32 S F22
ZN50QT-36/S C F9
ZN50QT-36/S F9
ZN50QT-7A E Falcon2
ZN50QT-7B E Falcon3
ZN50QT-7C E Falcon4
ZN50QT-7D E Falcon5
ZN50QT-7E E Falcon6
ZN50QT-8A E Falcon2
ZN50QT-8B E Falcon3
ZN50QT-8C E Falcon4
ZN50QT-8D E Falcon5
ZN50QT-A C Snail
ZN50QT-B C Snail
ZN50QT-D Revival
ZN50QT-E C Aurora
ZN50QT-E3 C Aurora-2
ZN50QT-E5 Legend
ZN50QT-K Aurora

3. Year of manufacture

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