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2. Model

Commander 1000
Commander 1000 MAX
Commander 1000 R
Commander 1000 R MAX
Commander 800 R
Commander 800 R MAX
Commander electric (LSV)
Defender 6x6 HD10
Defender HD10
Defender HD5
Defender HD8
DS 250
DS 450
DS 450 X mx
DS 450 X xc
DS 650 X
DS 70
DS 90
DS 90 X
Maverick 1000
Maverick 1000 MAX
Maverick 1000 MAX X ds/rs Turbo
Maverick 1000 X ds Turbo
Maverick 1000 X mr
Maverick 1000 X xc
Maverick 800
Maverick X3 Turbo
Maverick X3 Turbo R
Outlander 1000
Outlander 1000 (Max)
Outlander 1000 6x6
Outlander 1000 X mr
Outlander 400 EFI
Outlander 400 X mr
Outlander 450 (Max)
Outlander 450 6x6
Outlander 500 (Max)
Outlander 500 EFI
Outlander 570 (Max)
Outlander 570 (Max) T, T model 650cc
Outlander 570 Max
Outlander 570 X mr
Outlander 650 (Max)
Outlander 650 6x6
Outlander 650 EFI
Outlander 650 X mr
Outlander 800 (R) EFI
Outlander 800 R (Max)
Outlander 800R X mr
Outlander 850 R (Max)
Outlander 850 X mr
Outlander L 450
Outlander L 500
Outlander L 570
Outlander Max 400 EFI
Rally 200
Renegade 1000
Renegade 400
Renegade 500
Renegade 570
Renegade 650
Renegade 800
Renegade 800(R)
Renegade 800(R/XXC)
Renegade 800(X)
Renegade 850
Ryker 600 ACE
Ryker 900 ACE
Spyder F3, SE6
Spyder F3, SM6
Spyder GS Roadster, SE5
Spyder GS Roadster, SM5
Spyder RS(S) Roadster, SE5
Spyder RS(S) Roadster, SM5
Spyder RT(S) Roadster, SE5
Spyder RT(S) Roadster, SM5
Spyder RT(S/LIMITED) Roadster, SE5
Spyder RT(S/LIMITED) Roadster, SE6
Spyder RT(S/LIMITED) Roadster, SM5
Spyder RT(S/LIMITED) Roadster, SM6
Spyder ST(S/LIMITED) Roadster, SE5
Spyder ST(S/LIMITED) Roadster, SM5

3. Year of manufacture

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